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L walls can be used as a retaining wall with heavy load bearing
capabilities.  They are designed to resist tipping forces, with the
more weight added above them, the more they resist movement
tipping outward. They can withstand a 2:1 slope behind them forty
feet in height. Extra walls can be placed behind and above them to
terrace the hillside. They can be stained or etched as desired to   
help them blend into the background. Stone or brick can also be
applied to the face of the wall.
Retaining walls:
T walls can also be used as a retaining wall, either by themselves or
as added height on top of other walls or bulkheads.
These four images show a T wall built above an existing wooden
bulkhead in Colonial Beach, VA. The walls help stop high waves
from over-topping the structure and damaging the property behind
it. The last picture shows how Tropical Storm Ernesto produced
waves that came over the wall, leaving sand but did no damage.
These three images show a site with an eroding cliff face in front of
a septic field. Grading the cliff back was not an option because of
the field's position and to save it a terracing option was chosen. An
L wall with two short groins to hold the beach was installed. Two
stacks of T walls were then added on top of the L wall, each
butting up against the back of the lower wall. A ten foot high
vertical rise was then gained with only four feet of horizontal run
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