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 Sea Boxes were installed by SSS from 1995 to 2006 along the
Potomac River. They were used as breakwaters and as groins
under a pier's base to reinforce it and protect it from the action of
ice and waves attempting to move it.
They were based on an existing design from Oldcastle Precast
vaults and built with the same VDOT bridge grade concrete as all
their designs. Flood holes and lifting brackets were added to allow
them to be used as breakwaters.
The boxes were trucked to the site and unloaded with an excavator
or off-road forklift. They were then floated in the water to their
designed position and flooded to rest on the river bottom. Pilings
were then set around to help hold them and mark their position at
high tides.           
SeaBox Breakwater:
The boxes are much easier to move and install than conventional
rock constructed breakwaters. They can be repositioned simply
by pumping out the water and moving them. They cover about a
fourth or less of the bottom that a rock breakwater would and
allow boats to come up along side them without fear of damaging
their bottoms or props.        
The open topped design allows the inside to fill with sand and silt
and act as a calm, sunlight area for SAV to grow in areas where
wave action proved too strong for them to grow unprotected.
Oysters and other shellfish also grow on the walls and are
protected from larger predators like rockfish and cownose rays.
The new Hex box design is now used for breakwater as it has a
lower wave reflection, can be built between four and six feet high,
and is a stronger, interlocked and supporting design. The Seabox
can still be used under piers and in other special situations.
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