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Since 1995 SSS has been installing Bulkheads, groins, breakwaters,
and boat ramps in Virginia and Maryland. In that time installations
totalling over one and a half miles of L walls, most with T wall groins,
over 1000 feet of sea boxes, and five hex box breakwater
installations totalling almost 1000 feet of boxes have been protecting
water front properties with great success. Below are a sampling of
the over 70 installations we have be involved in during that time.
 A series of four segmented breakwaters, each approximately 100
feet long, were used to control erosion along an eroding cliff face on
the Potomac River facing to the North West. This 30 foot high cliff
face is exposed to strong winds blowing over 12 miles of the
Potomac River, thereby allowing large waves to build up and pound
into the base of the cliff face.      
A 640 foot long bulkhead with 20 foot groins was installed in 2000 to
replace failing rock revetments and wooden bulkheads. The York
river has a three foot tide range in this area and septic fields located
at the top of the bank complicated the installation.
Almondsville, York River in Gloucester County
Church Point, Potomac River Westmoreland County
A rock revetment failed during Hurricane Isabel in 2003, An L Wall
bulkhead was installed with the existing rock placed in front of the
wall. Tropical Storm Ernesto damaged the neighboring rock
revetment again, but except for a wash out behind a corner wall of
the bulkhead and plantings damaged from wave over-topping, the L
wall stood strong.
Sea Boxes Eagle Bay,  Potomac River in King George
Up river from the Sea box installation three hex box breakwaters
were installed, from December 2006 to July 2007. They, as well as
the rest of Eagle Bay's Seament waterfront improvements came
through Tropical Storm Ernesto with no damage.
Hex Box Breakwaters at Eagle Bay, Potomac River Virginia
Stratford Harbor, Westmoreland Virginia
Sixteen breakwaters were installed off the cliffs at Stratford Harbor
in Sept. 2005. They were launched and floated in over a two week
period and immediately started building up a beach behind them.
Maddox Creek, Westmoreland County, VA
L wall installations protecting eroding cliffs in Westmoreland County
on the Potomac River.
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